Welcome to the Board! 2019


How does this Security System Work?


Welcome to the board! First, thank you for accepting the position to help improve your community. If this is your first time as a board member, you will want to learn more about the security systems in place and the provider(s). Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are multiple security companies servicing the community? While it is ideal to have a unified system, that is not always the case. You will want to know which companies are providing each system (visitor verification, pool access, video surveillance, etc.).
  • Does the security provider(s) maintain and repair broken equipment? Check to see if a service and maintenance plan is in place.
  • Does service include repairing gates at a gated community? Even with a security system installed at the entrance, a separate gate company may be used to repair the gates when broken. Knowing who to contact will help in the future.

You can read the complete issue and original article here: FLCAJ – February 2019