Welcome Back Snowbirds! – 2018


Assess Your Safety and Security


Welcome back, snowbirds! Community safety and home security are some of the first things you should re-evaluate when you return. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Is landscape around your home or throughout the community overgrown? When plants get too bushy or are not spaced out, they create hiding places for potential criminals.
  2. Light it up! If bulbs are burnt out, replace them as soon as possible. Keeping your home and communities well-lit at night will deter trespassers and burglars who do not want to be seen.
  3. Check all doors and windows at your home/unit and amenities. Make sure all locks and access control points are operable.
  4. Have an assessment meeting with your board and property manager. Discuss any security incidents that occurred over the past couple of months and some solutions to explore that will improve the overall security of the community. 

You can read the complete issue and original article here: FLCAJ – October