Snowbirds Return – Last Quarter Checklist and Plans for Next Year

Snowbirds Return – FLCAJ October 2021

Last Quarter Checklist and Plans for Next Year

Take some time in this final quarter to evaluate the past year and begin making plans for early next year. For associations and property managers, this often includes reviewing the community’s security, access management, and/or other systems. 

  1. Have there been security issues this year (e.g., trespassing, vandalism, etc.)? If so, where did these incidents occur, how frequently, and what is currently in place to prevent and address the problem(s)?
  2. Do the residents understand the security or access management systems in place? Work with your provider to educate residents about the community’s systems. The information and communication is often beneficial and helpful. 
  3. Does any equipment need to be upgraded or changed in the near future? Know that some changes may take weeks or months, depending on the situation. This can include system designs, budget reviews, installation timelines, and more. It’s time to start those discussions and make the necessary plans. 


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