Prepare Now! – FLCAJ July 2020

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Prepare Points of Entry – Disaster Preparedness Tips to Keep Your Community Secure


In any disaster, safety is top-of-mind for our families and ourselves. Associations have the added responsibility of addressing an entire community’s security. Preparation is key, especially when it comes to points of entry.

Gated properties should know that natural disasters frequently affect them. Standard code requires most gates to “fail open” if power is lost. Prior to this happening, communities can consider locking the gates. In doing so, they can secure the gates to prevent further damage in a strong storm, while easing traffic in the event of an evacuation.

Other points of access may also be impacted, and you should talk with you access control provider to find out if amenities or assets will lock when the power goes out. Just like gates, it may be helpful to take action ahead of time, and lock access to prevent unauthorized use of an area for a period of time.

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