Envera Systems Simplifies Network Management with GTT Broadband and EtherVision Portal

GTT solution enables Envera Systems to consolidate providers across 156 sites, improving network efficiency and resiliency. 

GTT Communications, Inc., a leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, has announced that Envera Systems, a leader in technology-based community security solutions, has deployed GTT Broadband for 156 sites, supporting its business that provides technology-driven security services for residential communities in Florida.

Envera Systems’ security solutions help its customers manage and secure access to their premises. Their portfolio of services includes a virtual gate guard service for visitor access management, video surveillance, communitywide access control and more. Its services rely on continuous, high-quality broadband internet connectivity to connect the many communities it serves with its backend systems for functions such as automatic number plate recognition, as well as approximately 150 agents who support the operation of its security services.

GTT Broadband, which leverages GTT’s industry-leading global Tier 1 internet network, enables Envera Systems to streamline its use of different internet service providers (ISPs). The solution offers Envera Systems a flexible choice of speeds to ensure the best technical and cost-effective fit for the requirements at each of its sites while also providing redundancy with 4G backup circuits. Additionally, GTT’s EtherVision self-service portal provides Envera Systems with a comprehensive view of its service details that includes service inventory, order tracking, the consolidation of all service activity into a single monthly bill, and the ability to create and manage support tickets quickly and efficiently.

“Prior to GTT, we had to manage 15 different ISPs, both large and small, which was a drain on our team and wasn’t scalable. Consolidating our broadband services with GTT has been a huge benefit for us. We’ve been able to retain the redundancy with 4G backup that is vital to the security services we provide, while realizing a significant improvement in how quickly we can identify and resolve issues as well as manage our invoices. Partnering with the team at GTT is fantastic, and we’re now able to scale up our business in line with our growing market opportunity.”

“We’re delighted to support Envera Systems and its innovative security services by simplifying its access vendor landscape and tailoring the broadband solution to meet each of its site requirements,” said Jim Delis, GTT division president, Americas. “We understand how important it is for businesses to be able to streamline management of their broadband services with one contract and bill, while also operating with highly dependable and secure internet connectivity.”

About GTT

GTT provides secure global connectivity, improving network performance and agility for your people, places, applications and clouds. We operate a global Tier 1 internet network and provide a comprehensive suite of cloud networking and managed solutions that utilize advanced software-defined networking and security technologies. We serve thousands of businesses with a portfolio that includes SD-WAN and other WAN services, internet, security and voice services. Our customers benefit from a customer-first service experience underpinned by our commitment to operational excellence. For more information on GTT, please visit www.gtt.net.

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