Communication is Key – Especially with Security


2019 General Best Practices: Communication is Key – Especially with Security


You’ve heard that saying before, and your community’s security systems and methods are no exception. For security to be most effective, there needs to be communication flowing in at least four ways:

  1. The board of directors and property manager to the security provider(s) – Many companies will have different departments, and the board should ask for or have an understanding of who to contact for certain questions or requests.
  2. The security provider(s) to the board – A security company should be in contact with a community regarding any incidents addressed or in process, servicing of equipment, upgrades, and more.
  3. The board/CAM to residents – The residents should be aware of discussions with a security provider, especially if changes are coming or have been made. The residents should also feel comfortable knowing that communication is occurring between the community staff and security vendor.
  4. Neighbor to neighbor – “If you see something, say something,” applies to your community, too! If you notice something suspicious happening nearby, reach out to your neighbor, community staff, or local authorities. If you have concerns about an area of your community, share them with your board to see if something is being or can be done.

You can read the complete issue and original article here: FLCAJ – June 2019