5 Precautions Envera has Taken to Prepare for Hurricane Season

  • Expect the UnexpectedEnvera is Proactive. Envera recognizes the importance of being prepared for hurricane season ahead of time. While a hurricane does provide some advance warning, this warning does not provide enough time to adequately prepare for continued business continuity.
  • Be Prepared. Envera has a Plan. We have contracted with a 3rd party business continuity services provider. Protecting the site facilities and equipment is instrumental in continuing or restoring operations. Should a hurricane strike our facility, our disaster recovery plan provides access to a fully equipped office space, computer equipment, generators, and satellite communications, on call for delivery in case disaster strikes.
  • Plan B / Always have a Backup Plan. Envera Backs Up Data Regularly. In the event of a loss of power our disaster recovery plan allows us to maintain a cloud-based database that is store in different locations. This is completely impossible with a traditional non-cloud based system.
  • Be Flexible and Adaptable. Envera is able to Operate Remotely. Our cloud-based database gives us the ability to become mobile with ease. If needed, Envera is able to simply relocate our entire network. We will be able to quickly recover by operating remotely in the unlikely event of a disaster.
  • Communication is Key. Envera’s Plan involves Effective Communication. Communications are needed to coordinate emergency activities, to implement the recovery plan, and to maintain contact with our communities and employees. We have established backup communications and a way to contact individuals who will be charged with managing our response and recovery.

With this glimpse into some of the preparedness activities underway at Envera, you can rest assured that if a disaster strikes we are in the 5% of companies that can recover quickly, thanks to our advanced planning and thorough testing.