4 Hurricane Preparedness Tips For Residents In Gated Communities

Image depicting storm ahead and lightning

Envera Systems, specialists in leveraging high-tech security solutions for gated residential communities, has already reviewed, revised and begun implementing their 2013 Hurricane Preparation Plan for the communities they secure.

As Florida residents enter the most volatile time of this year’s hurricane season, Envera would like to share 4 security tips that apply to all residents who live in a secured, gated community.

  1. Know who will secure guardhouses, clubhouses, and any other buildings maintained by the community.  Part of a successful plan is knowing who in the community will be responsible to secure and confirm the preparation of the community’s general use assets.  Many times the property management team will play this role, but it is the duty of the HOA’s board to confirm that all facilities and assets are properly secured.
  2. Know when any on-site security guards will no longer occupy the premises and have a plan for when they will return.  Part of your planning should include a written timetable from your security provider as to how quickly will security staff return to their posts after a storm.
  3. Make sure that any companies monitoring the security at your community are prepared with a plan in case their monitoring center takes a direct hit. You will need to discuss this plan with your property manager and security provider.  You will need to ask them questions like: Do you have back up power solutions?  How long can you maintain monitoring at a location that been hit directly? Who will maintain the monitoring if your systems are down? Do you have a contingency solution if the local station experiences severe physical damage?
  4. Back up all security databases and video footage prior to a storm hitting.  Having offsite backups of your community’s security assets is paramount.  After the storm and during the rebuilding phase, it is important that your security provider be able to re-institute all security systems as quickly as possible.  With remote, offsite backups, this can begin immediately and without loosing valuable configuration, monitoring and archiving capabilities.

Envera has already prepared the answers, solutions and procedures to making its communities hurricane ready.  Envera protected communities can rest assured that if a disaster strikes Envera is in the 5% of companies that can recover quickly, thanks to their advanced planning and thorough testing.

Contact us today to review your community’s storm preparedness plan and let Envera provide you a FREE security consultation for you community.