Wholesale Burglar Alarm Monitoring 

Affordable Burglar Alarm Solutions For Entire Communities

At Envera, we make it affordable for communities to have and maintain superior burglar alarm monitoring for all residents. Through advanced technology and economies of scale, we can monitor every home community-wide at a reduced rate.

Your residents can now have the same high-tech and cost-efficient Burglar Alarm monitoring that we provide to community assets, such as clubhouses, fitness centers, business facilities, and more. The Envera alarm system utilizes two-way speakers and microphone devices that enable Envera’s Virtual Guards to listen to and communicate with protected sites once an alarm signal is received.

Once a guard at our Central Station verifies that an alarm was not accidentally triggered, the local authorities will be contacted directly. With verification of an alarm, law enforcement is likely to prioritize a response to the alarm site.

Don’t sacrifice quality community security service for affordability. With Envera’s community-wide monitoring, you can consolidate services, save costs, and secure every home in your community.

Why Use Envera’s Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services Community-Wide?

  • Optional two-way communication to all monitored sites
  • Optional video monitoring can be integrated
  • Easy transfer of monitoring services
  • Save money by consolidating all of your security solutions with a single provider

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