Tired of Expensive Guard Houses and On-Site Security Staff?

There’s a better way to save money for your community’s security.
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Add the Envera Kiosk System to a gated community entrance.

Expedited Entry for Authorized Visitors
Record of Each Permitted or Denied Person
High Level of Visitor Verification
Trained Virtual Guards
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Stop spending money and resources on a guard house or 24/7 on-site security.

When a guest is not registered and automatically authorized with license plate or driver’s license technology, our trained, virtual guards will greet the guest and contact the resident he or she is going to visit. Once the resident is contacted, the virtual guard will grant or deny entry as instructed by the resident.

Two-way audio and one-way video facilitate the communication between a guest at the gated community entrance and the virtual guard at our Central Monitoring Operations Center. Accompanying cameras at the entrance record all activity and license plates for guards to see in real time, as well as refer to when needed for video retrieval or transaction reviews.