Securing Community Pools: Spring Lake Village :: July 2012


Board members and property managers are constantly concerned about the security of their community pools, especially during the spring and summer. This proves to be a time when community associations are putting more and more money into the cleaning, maintenance, and repair of their community pools due to usage. In the spring and summer there is also an increase in vandals and trespassers.

In fact, the Spring Lake Village community in Kissimmee, Florida has a community pool that has been vandalized and they have had to deal with the destruction left behind. During the evenings when the pool is closed, the bathrooms were always getting vandalized, and people continued to host parties’ afterhours.


When damage or vandalism happens at the community pool, all members of the community have to pitch in extra money in order to clean and/or repair the pool. The problem most communities face, including Spring Lake Village, is that their strategy was a passive attempt at security. Passive security practices are tools such as lighting, “no trespassing” signs, a locked gate or a fence around the perimeter. As most of us know, a simple fence and locked gate is not going to deter a trespasser or vandal, nor can it identify the perpetrator.

Envera recommends an active approach. Active Video Surveillance with Live Voice Down is the ideal solution for communities who are determined to keep “an eye” on the community swimming pool. Envera’s remote guards have the ability to see, hear, and speak to trespassers. The monitoring officer can speak directly to the individuals being monitored through “Voice-down” communication, and check all camera views to ensure that the trespassers leave the property.

Communities want an active solution that can identify the perpetrators and share the information with police; or, if the perpetrator is someone within their community, they can approach the specific homeowner about the incident. This helps prevent vandalism and ensure that only the responsible party is held accountable, rather than placing the financial burden on the entire community.

Envera installed Active Video Surveillance to address the vandalism and misuse of Spring Lake Village’s community pool. The issues were addressed immediately. The community stopped having to spend on repeated repairs. “We’d repair it and they would break it again,” says Lucy Babon, property manager of Spring Lake Village.  “Another improvement is that no one is able to host parties at the pool when it is closed.  However, during daylight hours, [when the pool is under passive recorded video surveillance and is not actively being monitored] it’s still a little tough to control the party scene.”



For property managers, knowing everything is under control and they are able to assist in saving money for the community on top of providing another measure of safety is one of the best benefits of Active Video Surveillance at the pool.  Homeowner’s are able to see their money is being spent in a productive way and feel all measures are being made to do so. “Overall, the Safety Committee has noted a drop in crime in our community ever since Envera has been on board. In addition to active video surveillance at our pool, we are also pleased to have Envera monitor our community entry gates,” Lucy summarized.

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