Property Management


A Security Partner Makes Property Management Easier.


As a property manager, you have enough responsibilities other than security. By working with an experienced and innovative security partner, you can make your life easier while adding value for your clients. At Envera Systems, you can consolidate all of your security needs with a cost-effective plan tailored to each property.

We offer Virtual Gate Guards and Virtual Doormen to monitor, greet, and verify all visitors. The system utilized high-resolution digital cameras and two-way audio that’s monitored by our state licensed guards located at our central station.

Active Video Surveillance and Amenity Monitoring use high-resolution cameras to monitor pool, clubhouse, and other recreational areas. If a trespasser breaches the perimeter, the guard can voice down to trespassers demanding they leave. If trespassers refuse, our guards can contact the local authorities.

Envera’s Access Control System utilizes key cards, fobs, and biometric identifiers like fingerprint scanners to determine what level of access users have, based on locations, time of day, authorization or other criteria. Passive Video Surveillance is used to record every vehicle that enters or leaves the community. Passive Video Surveillance captures information such as vehicle make, model and license plate number. The video footage can be recalled and used to aid in investigations and recoup damages.


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