Get ready for pool season!

Proactively protect community assets with Envera's Active Video Surveillance and Access Control solutions.
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“It allows us to reduce, actually eliminate, all of the vandalism we were having at the pool."

Prevent after-hours access and damage to amenities.
  AI cameras alert Envera's remote agents to trespassers in real-time.
Remote agents can speak with and hear any trespassers to inform them that the area is being monitored.
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Deter trespassing and prevent damage to community amenities and assets.

Envera’s community amenity security solutions are technologically advanced and cost-efficient for associations of all sizes. Don’t find out about damage the next day, proactive systems are key to stopping vandalism. 

Simply select FREE SECURITY CONSULTATION in the form below. Then we’ll have your local Envera Security Consultant reach out to schedule a time to discuss your interests and community security needs some more. Special pool season offers are available now!