Parks & Recreation



Detouring and Preventing Crime, Helps Keep Parks Beautiful

The openness of parks and recreation areas makes them the perfect place to spend the day, but at night, they are left exposed to vandalism and other criminal activities. By using an Envera Systems security solution, you can keep parks and recreational areas safe and secure after hours and detour and assist in preventing crime and property damage.

Active Video Surveillance is the perfect solution to after hours trespassers. Armed with high-resolution digital cameras equipped with video analytics, our licensed Virtual Guards automatically differentiate between humans and windblown objects, and use two-way audio to voice down to trespassers, demanding they leave. If the offender refuses, our guard can contact the local authorities.

All incidents are documented and the footage is securely stored so it can be recalled, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement, insurance representatives, and property management as necessary.

During park hours, you can utilize Passive Video Surveillance to maintain a video record of happenings at the park. The cameras can record cars and their license plates as they enter the property. This footage can then be recalled as needed in case of an incident.

Virtual Gate Guards and various Access Control solutions utilizing key cards, fobs, and biometric identifiers, can also be used to verify and regulate who enters the park and its facilities and at what time.

With Envera Systems security solutions tailored to your needs and budget, securing your park, recreation area and facility is easier and more affordable than ever.


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