ISP Outage Information

Envera automatically detects & reports Internet Service Provider outages & issues to customers.


Step 1: Contact your Internet Service Provider

A community contact receives the ISP alert with a ticket number and detailed information for contacting your vendor and how to restore service/resolve the issue. This notification includes the name of the provider, account number, location, and any related information needed to access their equipment onsite.

Step 2: Notify Envera when service is restored

Envera may need to make final adjustments to resume normal processes. The community contact will continue to receive daily notifications from Envera until services are restored.

How do outages occur?

An ISP outage can occur for a variety of reasons. Here are the most common causes:

• Surge events, power loss, equipment malfunction

Onsite troubleshooting or equipment replacement may be needed by an ISP technician.

In some cases, the ISP provider may need to enter Envera-owned equipment. The ‘Additional Information’ line of the ISP alert will include the lockbox information (if available). They can also reach out to Envera at (941) 952-3719.

• Non-payment (which is easily solved by a credit card payment over the phone to the provider)
• Modem needs to be cycled (this can be easily resolved by most people when unplugging the unit, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in)

Additional Information

Envera customers are responsible for providing Internet and Power to Envera in order for Envera to provide services to the community. If requested, Envera can perform the administrative coordination that is required to work with your ISP, on a time and materials basis (normal service rates apply). Most tickets can be resolved in two hours.

To request assistance and service from Envera, please visit our Service webpage to complete the form.