Osprey Cove | Our Client’s Story

Osprey Cove | Our Client’s Story

Community Snapshot:

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • 328 homes
  • Envera customer since 2007

Osprey Cove was built in 2006 and turned over from the developer to the community in 2007. At that time, the community did not have complete gates or an overall security system in place. There was only a night patrol that had been put in place by the developer.

Being a new community in ’06-‘07, the association faced financial troubles because of the down-turn in the economy. This created several obstacles for the community, including finishing the gates and the cost of security. There were also growing concerns and problems with vandalism, break-ins, and unauthorized cars staying overnight.

Solutions Explored:

  • Extend patrol hours – With night patrols already in place, Osprey Cove discussed extending the service. However, an extension of the services did not seem cost effective, so the community decided to continue the limited patrols at night.
  • Hire an onsite guard – However, an ADA compliant guardhouse was not constructed. A service was considered that would have a guard work from a licensed vehicle at the entrance, but that option was cost prohibitive.
  • Envera Systems Virtual Guard TechnologyEnvera Systems offered a Virtual Gate Guard for the guest entry lane, as well as a preventative camera surveillance system to monitor community amenities.

Community Decision:

Osprey Cove had Envera Systems install these solutions for the community while keeping the limited, roving patrols overnight:

The Virtual Gate Guard was installed at the front gate to verify each visitor that tries to enter the community. When a guest arrives, a Virtual Gate Guard is expected to greet them. The guest will tell the guard his/her name and who he/she is going to visit. The Virtual Guard will check the list of approved guests for that resident, and open the gate if the visitor matches. If the guest is not on the resident’s list, the Virtual Guard will call that resident to confirm if the guest is allowed into the community. This system keeps record of every visitor transaction, and it gives the community the resources to look up specific vehicles and time periods should a problem ever occur.

Residents living in Osprey Cove have access to Envera’s website portal and app called MyEnvera. This allows residents to register their own guests, and look at their visitor history. They have the options of registering visitors as permanent or temporary, or they can deny entry to certain guests as well. MyEnvera also gives residents quick access to important community contacts.

Active Video Surveillance was installed at the Osprey Cove pool to monitor the area after hours. This system includes one-way video, two-way audio, and video analytics to alert the virtual guards when someone trespasses. The Virtual Guard is expected to communicate with the trespassers, ask them to leave, and contact authorities or property officials if necessary.

The Results:

Since installing Envera Systems’ security solutions in 2007, Osprey Cove has had a secure gate system and reliable monitoring at the pool. Barry Frey, the board president, says, “We find we have significantly enhanced security without the price of a manned guard house.” He also says the community has had several situations of gate damage or intruders. On those occasions, Envera has assisted by reviewing recordings and pulling license plate numbers for Osprey Cove to find the culprits. This helps the community recoup damage costs.

“We find we have significantly enhanced security without the price of a manned guard house” – Barry Frey, Osprey Cove Board President

When Osprey Cove first had the Active Video Surveillance installed at the pool, the community thought Envera’s live contact with trespassers via speakers would be sufficient in making them leave after hours. Ike Eikelberner, the former president, says, “This continues today and appears to be beneficial.” The community has noticed that most people will leave after the voice-downs, but if they refuse, Envera calls the authorities. Frey says, “This has reduced problems at the pool at a minimal expense.”

Overall, Frey says that Osprey Cove’s experience with Envera has been “very positive.” As equipment has become outdated or in need of an upgrade, Frey says that Envera has been very proactive in assisting with those adjustments and enhancements to keep the systems efficient and effective.

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