How long have you been in business?
The original company was founded in 1996. It was rebranded “Envera Systems” in 2007 to reflect our focus on security and access control. Envera is derived to mean “enter with truth” or “enter with verification”.

What hours are you open for service?
Envera’s Central Station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Envera’s Installation and Service Teams are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Emergency service is also available as needed.  

How many accounts do you have?
Envera operates in over 30 counties in Florida, and currently secures hundreds of communities throughout the state.  

How much does this cost?
Each community has unique security needs, and Envera therefore customizes its solutions to each community. To learn more about how to get a FREE security analysis for your community contact Envera at 1-855-936-8372.  

Does Envera both install AND monitor in house?
Yes, Envera installs, monitors, and services all of its customers in house.  


Virtual Gate Guard

What happens when a driver is not permitted to enter and refuses to leave?
Envera’s virtual guards will do whatever is instructed by the community’s post orders, just as a traditional on-site guard service would do.  

How do I add or remove a visitor on my personal guest list?
You can manage your personal guest list by logging in to your personal account on MyEnvera.com from your computer or smartphone. MyEnvera.com is a website that provides residents of Envera protected communities’ access to their approved guest list. Your personal guest list is updated instantly with approved visitors and any changes you make. In addition to online access, you may also call the Central Station 24 hours a day to have a visitor added or removed from your list.

How do the Police, Fire and Ambulances get in if needed?
Every second counts in an emergency. This is one of the great things about Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard. The second the Envera Guard sees an emergency responder, they automatically open the gate for them thereby cutting down the response time to get to your residence. In many municipalities, the fire department also has a special device that allows them to instantly open the gate on their own when responding to a call.


Active Video Surveillance

What is your opinion on the installation of dummy cameras to deter crime?
Dummy cameras are never a good idea because they create potential liability for the association. When owners, renters and visitors see dummy cameras, they often believe the premises are being monitored and therefore, they are reasonably safe. If a serious crime takes place, it is very likely that the association will be named as a defendant, in which case it will have no video footage of actual events due to the dummy cameras. It is therefore far better for the association to spend its money on real cameras in order to both deter crime and deal effectively with any such incidents.


Access Control

What happens to gates managed by Envera’s Access Control System if the Internet goes down?
The database for our Resident Vehicle Access Control System is stored locally inside access control modules. This means that if the Internet goes down, the system will continue to operate normally. The module system uses the internet to receive updates from Envera or the Property Manager. If the Internet goes down, the system will continue to operate normally, but it will not receive updates until the Internet connection is restored, at which time the system will again process updates.